We love Korean food, more so since the US trip where we experienced Korean Barbecue and my aunt’s amazing Korean dishes. In Pune, we have been to K a couple of times [it is in Aundh]. They have a small menu, which is perfect and some amazing Ramens, Noodles, Bibimbap, Mandu [Dumplings]. Kimchi rice and lots more… Thus began our search for other Korean restaurants in the city, which is how I found Iya’s Korean Kitchen in Pashan.

Told my partner it was going to be a surprise dinner date and didn’t tell anything about where we were headed till we actually got there. It was during the monsoons, but thankfully that evening it was just a heavy drizzle as we walked towards the restaurant. The first thing that caught my eye was the LED light outside with the Korean symbol for Love and a cute doggy sleeping on a jute bag below it [sheltered from the rain]

 When I told a friend about our visit, she shared her experience. Indraja is a home chef who learned Korean cuisine in a South Korean household. They began in a small home kitchen, selling only two types of Korean Sushi, and quickly acquired popularity as word spread. Soon after, she developed a full-fledged Indo-Korean cuisine and just opened a Korean street food cooking restaurant. Right next door is their other outlet known for Mexican food.

While I waited for my partner to park the car and join me, I saw another couple come and ask if there was a table available. They were told a table would be available in about 25mins or so. Initiated a conversation and came to know they were regulars and loved the food.  They had in fact ordered the food and were willing to wait so they would get a table and enjoy their dishes. Told me to try the corn dog, which was an in-house speciality. For the uninitiated, the Corn dog is a hot dog coated with cornmeal batter, deep fried and here they serve with a sweet dipping sauce.

As you walk into Iya’s the first thing that strikes you is the decor, the cherry blossom on the wall and the limited seating space [ which is probably why they insist on reservations]. We were told there was a table upstairs available, but we’ll have to take our footwear off and sit in the floor. We were ok with both the conditions, and soon were seated on the floor, across from each other. There are about 5 tables downstairs and 4 on the 1st floor [all floor seating], with padded seats. Quite comfortable!

We ordered a drink each- I opted for a Kombucha [Apple cinnamon], while P ordered a mango bubble tea drink. Both of them were delicious and we went for repeats. With reference to food, am just going to let the pictures do the talking. All I will say is not one two plates of Kimbap and Inari Zushi were devoured, among other things.

We ate to our heart’s content; the food was yummy, and service was alright. While the drinks and starters arrived quickly, our mains took forever. P had to go downstairs, speak to the staff to figure out what happened and then voila, we had our food. For dessert, I chose Bungeoppang – these cute fish shaped fried pastry filled with Nutella [ I saw people at another table going for it and so knew that is what I wanted to close the meal with]

NOTE: If you’ve never had Korean food, it is slightly more intense than Continental food, and different from Chinese as well. Go with an open mind~

The entire meal costed around Rs2500 [approx.] –
Most dishes are priced between Rs 200-350, and portion sizes are good [ more than enough for 2 people]
We couldn’t finish the glass noodle salad and packed it up

Iya’s Korean Kitchen
Pashan – Sus Rd, opposite Amar Serenity, Pashan,
Phone: 090222 90020 [Do make a reservation!!]

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