There’s a new restaurant in town and I am here to tell you all about it. This is Rohi Gourmet Bistro in Hinjewadi, behind Reliance Digital store. This area has grown like crazy since the time I’ve moved to Pune, and there are quite a few interesting places to dine and chill at that we don’t have the need to drive far. 

The word Rohi, translates to ‘Seed’ in Sanskrit and true to the name, the menu exemplifies the incredible discovery of world cuisine. The people behind this brand are Chef Nagraj Bhat and Aparna. Incidentally, they are the owners and innovators of The Pho Truck. He is the brains behind the food while she handles the desserts, and together they have created a menu that is quite unique and helps us explore flavours and textures that are new and a pleasant surprise. 

From the minute you step into Rohi, you get a sense of calm, the decor is elegant yet understated and the place is open and spacious. There are different seating sections, my favourite was the one near the windows. The entire space has been aesthetically done making sure focus is on comfort and functionality.

Getting down to  business, err food, the menu is quite extensive. There are dishes from Taiwan, Vietnam, India, Italy and beyond. The dishes are a beautiful amalgamation of both their heritages and years of experience travelling the globe. 

Each meal is painstakingly made with the finest ingredients and presented with artistry that elevates eating to an extraordinary experience. 

While we waited for the meal to begin, I ordered a Ginger orange Tamarind mocktail which was Oh My God amazing. The sour zing from the tamarind was delicious.  #musthave

Our meal began with an amuse bouche – Sweet potato urundai[a Tamil word meaning round or ball] served with Oyster [mushroom] sauce. A simple dish that was packed with flavour that had us wondering what else lay in store. 

Following this came the Soup – Roasted Cauliflower Truffle scented veloute . The truffle aroma hits you first and the soup just envelops you in a warm hug, perfect for the weather here in Pune. #musthave

Next up was the Bao packed with  tofu, mushrooms and chestnuts with the Oyster sauce that lifted the flavours up. 

Soon after, we got to try the Mushroom Spinach flatbread with chilli oil that had an element of surprise in it. The sauce on the flatbread was Puli inji [ tamarind-ginger pickle made in Kerala & TN]. I loved how the sauce was tangy and sweet and so different from the usual tomato sauce. And then came a dish that we all fell in love with – The Watermelon pickled beetroot olive feta mousse salad with balsamic dressing. It was so heartwarming to see a restaurant offer such a wide range of vegetarian dishes that wasn’t just paneer or coloured peppers. #musthave

Next up we had the Cream cheese broccoli served with aioli and a green bell pepper emulsion. There was a side of pickled radish which was yummy. While we waited for the mains to arrive, we were served a platter of Veg Galouti Kebab on garlic butter crostini with bell pepper emulsion and aioli. The dish had yet another surprise, the galouti was made with Elephant Yam and true to its name, it melted in the mouth. 

My tummy was happy, and I decided to try another mocktail, this time opting for a Lychee based mocktail, which was refreshing. 

For the mains, we were served Earl Grey smoked Dal Makhni with Jalapeño cheese garlic kulcha and a raita. This is the typical comfort food for any Indian and so ticks all the right boxes there. 

Drum roll please. Yes, it is time for desserts- 4 amazing desserts.
Coconut Coffee Panna Cotta – with the beautiful hum of the coffee flavour coming all the way through. ,
Banana Choco Chip Parfait – strong banana flavoured parfait
Belgian Salted Dark Chocolate Mousse – Sinfully delicious
Kottu Payasam[Milk Based Sweet] Cake With Salted Toffee Sauce – a crowd favourite cos it was all new flavours and there were so many different textures on the plate. #musthave

Note:They have an equally exciting non veg menu, which includes Pork and Prawns. 

At Rohi, you get to do a quick trip around the globe on a plate, and if they ever get around to selling their sauces, it would be a big hit~ 

Psst. They have a bottomless brunch over the weekend, yes you read it right. Unlimited food, and it is all cooked to order. So no buffet style, or dishes being reheated here~ They have amazing deals – with IMFL and without. 

Rohi Gourmet bistro,
Sparsh Plaza,
behind Reliance digital,
Hinjewadi – 411057
Contact Number –  9699369643

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