Located very close to Thube Park and Shivajinagar Railway Station, Hotel Bhooshan has been around for over 50 years while the cafe is close to 2 years old. Lovely small seating area separates the main hotel from the cafe and it is an ideal setting for a lazy brunch or just catching up with friends.

Even though it is on JM road, one of the busiest streets in Pune, the cafe is quite peaceful and all you hear is the music. I was there on Saturday and got to taste their Brunch menu. 

Coming to the food, they offer a well curated brunch menu that ticks all the right boxes – Flavours, presentation, textures and taste. 

The meal began with a hot cup of Coffee [Irish coffee, they have other options as well] and it was good, perfect for the pleasant weather. They also have iced tea and other beverages to choose from. 

Following this came the piping hot Roasted Pumpkin soup that had richness and comfort written all over it #musthave. 

It was time for some bites– the Bruschetta and Arancini Balls – both traditional yet different, the creamy veg topping was delicious, and the spicy Mexican rice in the arancini balls was a pleasant surprise as against the subtle cheesy filling we are used to. #musthave 

And now for some mains
Two kinds of pasta– Alfredo penne [white sauce] and Primavera Penne [red sauce]- both were cooked well with plenty of vegetables and the right amount of cheese. Personally I prefer the Primavera pasta and so that is a #musthave 

They also have a thin crust pizza. We got a half and half pizza – Margherita [just simple cheese] and Farmhouse [packed with vegetables- broccoli, olives, colour bell pepper, sweet corn on tomato sauce] in the other half. You can typically pick one and get a full pizza with your brunch. #musthave 

Then there was Rice bowl – Veg Stroganoff- a filling bowl of herbed pimento rice with a side of sauce that had a lot of vegetables in it. It didn’t really work for me, but hey do give it a try.

I managed to finish my coffee just in time for desserts. There are two options –
Choco walnut brownie – a favourite for those who love chocolate and brownies.
Biscoff Cheesecake – I liked this one, with the melted Biscoff sauce on top and crunchy biscuit at the bottom, it hit all the right notes and wasn’t overly sweet either. 

Overall, it is a meal that is totally worth the price. 

The highlights:
Ample parking space available within the complex. 

Pure vegetarian Italian food at affordable prices.
Brunch is available during weekdays as well along with combo meals
Have a special Kids menu. 

Monday – Thursday: 12 Noon – 10PM
Friday to Sunday: 12 Noon to 10:30PM
Location: Cafe Brewing Italiana – Veg. Italian Cafe – Google Maps

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