We travel down Baner Pashan Link road often and have been noticing how the area has changed over the last few months [esp the food scene]. The newest kid on the block is “Dossai- Flavours of South”.
A visit was planned thanks to Prasad Gunbote, owner of the place. and we had our dinner there last night. We chose the table outside as the weather was beautiful, and it was cooler. That said, the interiors are quite impressive and there is plenty of seating indoors as well.
First thing I ordered was #FilterCoffee, am happy to have a cup before and after the meal: Served in a traditional stainless-steel cup, the coffee was good. I had mine without sugar, and it was fresh and just the way it is made at home.
Next, we ordered a Ghee Podi Idli- the plate had 2 big idlis [bigger than what i’ve seen in other places] with generous sprinkle of podi on top, served with a side of tomato red chilli chutney & coconut coriander chutney. I am not an Idli person, but Oh my God this idli was good, the podi has a slight sweetness to it, and the aroma of Ghee was visible through the dish. #musthave
I knew what I wanted to try the minute I saw the menu card. Ordered a plate of Appam with vegetable stew. The mildly spiced stew went perfect with the hot, soft and fluffy appams. The stew did seem tad sweet, but it was the kind you don’t mind. I also tried the appam with the red chutney, and that added a different kick to it.
The last dish we ordered was the Onion Rava Masala dosa, we asked for the masala to be served on the side. This came with the two chutneys and a cup of sambar. For me, the taste of the sambar is the deal breaker. This sambar was made with ground spices and had a lovely hum to it. I gave it two thumbs up! The dosa was crisp, packed with onion flavour and the masala was good as well. Not too spicy, not too mild. #musthave
Skimming through the menu, we got tempted to try one of the rice dishes. I chose the Bisi Bele Baat [ haven’t had it in ages and was curious how they made it]. It was served hot, with ghee and some Boondi on top and an appalam on the side. Once again, good portion size, easily enough for 2 people. Had plenty of veggies and the spice mix hit all the right notes, tamarind wasn’t too strong [which is how I like it]
We did see quite a few other tempting dishes on the menu – Ragi Dosa, Sabudana Fingers and so on, but well, gotta reserve something for the next visit, right?
Oh, wait, we did manage to indulge and taste some Sheera – once again, blew our minds. It was not “sweet” but was well made and was the perfect ending to the meal.
Overall verdict
👍👍👍👍👍 Totally recommend it for those who love South Indian food or want to try it and have been on the fence!
They open at 8am and therefore a good option for Breakfast as well.
Address 📍:
HQ2V+RC8, Baner – Pashan Link Rd, Pashan, Pune, Maharashtra 411045 [Right next to Origin Bistro]
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