Ever since moving to Pune, I’ve been experimenting and trying out new cafes and restaurants. One thing I found was the city has quite a few good South Indian places, one stands out- Kaapi Queen. But then whenever i meet people, they always talk about coming over for hot dosai and coffee the minute I tell them am from Chennai. I decided to test the waters by hosting a popup at home. 

Created a simple poster, put together a menu, and started sharing the same online. One thing I was clear about was I did not want a large group of people, so I restricted the number to 6. With 4 days to go for the event, 5 people had signed & paid up and 3 came on Sunday. We spent a few hours getting to know each other, eating, chatting away and they left happy.

The Menu was [unlimited] –
Kuzhi paniyaram
2 types of chutney- tomato onion & Coconut chutney 

Semiya kesari
Filter kaapi

Served the brunch on a banana leaf.
Wrote a personalised note welcoming them + the menu with their names in Thamizh.
Gave thamboolam bag with diyas (terracotta velakku & a whole truth brand oatmeal cocoa bar) and a small kolam drawing book 🙂 

So, if you’re interested in attending one of these, drop me a message and I shall share updates with you. 

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