I’ve been spending the last two days with a dear friend, one who’s been in my life since our high school days. Heck, we were 4 of us, who stayed in touch, travelled life and the country together, but then one by one they started drifting away. But the two of us have kept in touch and meet/catch up whenever we can and well, I am not saying we are going to be friends forever but have definitely gotten close over the years and let’s see what the future holds.

Anyways, among the things we keep talking about is how some friendships have continued to remain strong, while others just fade away. I for one, firmly believe that like all relationships friendships too has an expiry date and all I say is “Thank you for having been a part of my life, goodbye & I wish you well” when they do go away. And as we grow older, we are tired of constantly reaching out, keeping in touch, checking in and holding on. We don’t want drama; we are so done with people who only keep in touch if you reach out first…. 

Caught up with another friend after 6yrs and we were talking about something similar. She was close friends with a guy, who fell in love with another common friend, married her and has since cut off all connections with this girl. She says he invited her to their wedding, but the bride [who’s also a friend] didn’t reach out at all. The woman infact posts so much on social media about friendships, and how much she cherishes her friends that there is a huge mismatch between that and how she behaves in the real life. Oh well~ Live and let live, right? 

All said and done, if you ask me, life’s journey is rarely a solo trek. We weave friendships along the way, each thread forming a vibrant tapestry that shapes our experiences. But as time passes, some colours bleed, strands fray, and not all connections withstand the test of years. This can be bittersweet, leaving us wondering: why do some friendships fade while others flourish?

The Seasons of Change:

Like the changing seasons, we evolve. Interests shift, life paths diverge, and priorities realign. Friendships forged in shared passions during our 20s might not resonate when careers and families take centre stage. This doesn’t diminish their value; it simply reflects the natural ebb and flow of life.

The Fabric of Trust:

Trust is the golden thread in any lasting bond. When betrayals occur, apologies might mend the tear, but the scar often remains. Unkept promises, one-sided support, or toxic dynamics can erode trust, leading to a slow unravelling of the connection.

The Art of Communication:

Open communication is the lifeblood of friendship. Sharing joys and sorrows, offering honest feedback, and truly listening fosters understanding and empathy. Without this, misinterpretations fester, and emotional distances widen.

The Strength of Shared Values:

Shared values aren’t just about common interests; they’re about fundamental beliefs and principles. When our core values diverge significantly, it can create an unbridgeable gulf, making meaningful connection difficult.

Letting Go with Grace:

Recognizing that a friendship has run its course doesn’t have to be dramatic. Sometimes, a gentle letting go is all that’s needed. Holding onto faded connections can hinder our growth and prevent us from forming new, meaningful bonds.

The Beauty of Enduring Threads:

Despite the inevitable fraying, some friendships defy time. These connections are built on mutual respect, understanding, and shared values. They weather life’s storms, offering unwavering support and celebrating each other’s triumphs.

Ultimately, friendships are unique, each one a brushstroke on the canvas of our lives. While some may fade, others become cherished works of art, testaments to the enduring power of human connection. As we navigate life’s ever-changing seasons, cherishing the strong threads and understanding the fading ones can make the tapestry of our friendships even more beautiful and meaningful.

Remember, dear reader, true friendships, like fine wine, only get better with time. So, nurture those connections, communicate openly, and cherish the bonds that truly enrich your life’s journey.

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