Life in your 40s can be an amazing whirlwind. You’re likely juggling career goals, family dynamics, and maybe even a desire for personal growth. But sometimes, in the midst of it all, you might realize you crave a strong network of girlfriends. The good news? You’re absolutely not alone. Building new friendships as an adult woman is not only possible, it’s incredibly rewarding.

For me, the number of close friends i have has dwindled over the years, mostly by choice than anything else. I dont want people with drama, i dont want people who expect me to reach out 1st, I dont want people who are here in my life for a purpose. Am so done with all that. I can now count the number of close friends i have, and to my surprise mkost of the really close ones [ my support system] are women. For someone who grew up with more of guy friends, am finding it quite a turn that i now look for friendship with women, and am able to connect with them better. Maybe this is. what adulting is all about~ 

Why New Friendships Matter

Friendships provide a unique kind of support system. They’re the people who celebrate your victories, hold your hand through tough times, and remind you of your awesomeness. Strong friendships can even boost your physical and mental health. Here in your 40s, having a solid group of girlfriends can be especially valuable. You might be facing new life stages, from empty nests to career changes. Friends who “get it” can be a game-changer.

Since moving to Pune, i’ve been constantly looking for venues and events to attend to meet more people and maybe find a friend or two. It so happens i did find a few, and yes they are all women. I found them on these short trips I took. What is special is that we all get along with each other well, and with our partners as well. yayy! #dontputkannu 

Finding Your People

The key to building new friendships is putting yourself out there. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Embrace Your Passions: Think about your hobbies and interests. Is there a local book club, running group, or pottery class that sparks your joy? These are fantastic places to meet like-minded women.
  • Volunteer Your Time: Giving back to your community is a win-win. You’ll be making a difference while also connecting with people who share your values.
  • Join a Meetup Group: Online platforms like Meetup allow you to find groups based on almost any interest. From hiking enthusiasts to aspiring entrepreneurs, there’s a group for everyone.
  • Don’t Discount Online Connections: There are online communities specifically designed for women to connect and build friendships. Explore options and see if there’s a good fit for you.

Making the Connection Last

Once you meet new people, remember that friendships take time and effort to cultivate. Here are some tips for turning those initial connections into lasting bonds:

  • Be Open and Approachable: Strike up conversations, ask questions, and be a good listener. Let your genuine personality shine through.
  • Initiate Plans: Don’t wait for someone else to make the first move. Suggest grabbing coffee, attending a local event together, or even a virtual hangout.
  • Be a Good Friend: Friendships are a two-way street. Be supportive, reliable, and show genuine interest in your new friends’ lives.

Remember: Building new friendships is a journey, not a destination. There will be ups and downs, but the rewards are absolutely worth it. So put yourself out there, embrace new connections, and you’ll be well on your way to finding your amazing tribe of girlfriends.

Ready to start your friendship adventure? Share your tips and experiences in the comments below!

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