I hadn’t heard of this place before that evening and so curious, I decided to go along with P who was hosting an IPL trivia night there. We reached the place, and it was located in a building bang opposite Souled Store on FC Road. They had free parking in the basement, entry was via the side gate. A few small coffee kiosks as you walk towards the steps leading to the entrance.

Well, the place isn’t very visible from the road, and you might miss it if you weren’t looking for it. But once you are inside, the experience is completely different. The place sure has a va va voom kinda ambiance, and decor. Quite swanky- with beautiful turquoise coloured furniture, ceiling featuring quite a few different art works featuring the Lynx and there is a beautiful piece on the bar as well.

The Lynx is one of the few short, tailed cats that are near endangered, typically found in hills and snowy regions. While they look adorable, they can pack a mean punch I hear. When talking to the owner of the place, she told us the story behind how they arrived at the name. She said her only criteria were the name had to be short and catchy. Even their restroom has images of the lynx in different avatars. We also discovered the place was just under 6months old, had opened in Nov’23 & started serving alcohol in Jan’24

We settled in and began looking through their menu – which shows off dishes from various corners of the world. They also have an extensive beverage menu [cocktails, shots, and mocktails] You find everything from Indian, Asian to Italian and more. Was lovely to note that on a weekday the place was near packed, outdoors was full, while indoors had a few empty tables. We also spotted a big group of about 10 people enjoying their evening.

We were hungry and went straight for the food menu. Ordered one portion of Tempura and the Khao Suey [ both veg] and eagerly awaited.

The bowl of tempura arrived with a side of soya sauce and mustard mayo sauces. The tempura was oh so good, the vegetables still had a wee bit of bite and the sauces were perfect. We loved them #musthave

The Khao Suey was served with noodles in a plate, the sauce with veggies in another and the sides separately – friend onions, garlic, peanuts and lime wedges. This was again a big HIT. We just dove right in, and the portion size was generous, enough for the two of us.

Enjoyed the trivia night for an hour, and it was evident that all the guests there loved the food and drinks. Walked out of the place with a big smile and was glad to have visited.

Shop 01 & 02, 927, Ghole Road, FC Road, Pune
opposite Souled Store

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