Sunbean Gourmet Coffee at ITC Grand Chola [ only till 31st Oct]

Imagine the aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafting in the air.. You are bound to lift your head up from whatever you were lost in and follow the trail.. Well  it was an afternoon of indulgence, what else would you call trying not one or two but six...

Cafe Chokolade, Egmore, Chennai

Last week, when a friend and i were in Egmore, finishing up some errands, we were tired hungry and thirsty, and the 1st place that came into our horizon was Cafe Chokolade, and since we hadnt been here before, we walked in.  I guess they were having their daily...

Celery Soup

Grandparents are always up for something new and today it was Celery soup. Gramma had bought celery and leek few days ago, inspired by a recipe she saw on a TV cookery show. Alas, she dint remember the process and as always decided to abandon the project.  And...
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