Travel in 2010

Every year i pray for Good health, progress/focus in Work, and ofcourse Travel.. 2010 was no different, as Jan 1st dawned these were the things on my “to do” list… And now, 12 months have flown by with me sailing along in various...

Birds of a feather….

During my recent trip to Hampi and Anegundi, i spotted quite a few birds.. Now i know i dont have the camera to take good pictures of these feathered friends of mine, but i did manage to get some shots…. hazy but what the heck!! 😀  Hampi is filled with...

Shots and spots

Just when i thought i should blog more, Blogadda has come up with a Travel Photos contest with Pringoo.Travel and photography are 2 things i adore, and cant get enough of. So, without wasting time i decided to sift through my computer, Picasa, and other albums,...
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