Zuka, Pondicherry

“Nine out of ten people like chocolate. The tenth person always lies.” – John Q. Tullius Imagine being surrounded by Chocolates- in their true form, as mousse, cakes, pastries, drinks and much more? It would be heaven for those who love Chocolate....

Cake Buffet at The French Loaf, Harrington Road, Chennai

So, i saw this “Cake Buffet at The French Loaf” ad in today’s Hindu.. I wondered how much dessert can one eat? Even though it is unlimited, even though the buffet is only Rs249, how many cakes or muffins or tarts can one plough through? Before i was...

She’s 74 and she’s 19…..

March comes and we get all excited and chirpy chirp….. 1st was Gramma’s Bday, on March 5th…. Normally for her bday she will be in Sringeri, but since granpa was unwell, they dint go… so,we got a chance to get her a cake and celebrate...
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