Solkadhi… the drink!

I had seen images and posts on this, but never really thought too much about it. Infact, going by its name- Solkadhi, I kinda assumed it was part of the Kadhi family [ the curd based dish that is made both in north & south and eaten with rice]..  During my...

10 years of On the Rocks, Crowne Plaza, Chennai

Bring out the candles and the band, it is time to ring in the 10th birthday of this fabulous restaurant- On the Rocks in Crowne Plaza Chennai.. The place has been delighting customers for a decade now, with their yumm food and the amazing drinks that Anand whips up!...

The Birthday & Goan flavours

The Birthday came and has gone by… As with the past few years I did manage to escape.. But the ttrip this year was different and special.. I know I say similar things every year,but then this year it truly was different and I felt special… Why? Cos this...
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