The Bistro Story, Chennai

“We started our careers together and always wanted to have our own Bistro kind of a place. And since we are now together, working in our Bistro, the place is called The Bistro Story” said Ravi [one of the owners]. That was the clue- The Bistro Story is where we...

Lloyds Tea House, Gopalapuram, Chennai

If you are hungry and are looking for a good decent yet interesting place to go to, then head to Lloyds Tea House If you have just walked out after a bleh movie and nothing can get your mood up, but a slice of Tiramisu or maybe a nice filling sandwich, then just go...

Lloyds Tea House

I am a little tea pot Short and stout Pick me up Pour me out… is a song that comes to my mind when someone mentions Tea.  And I hummed this in my head as I walked into Lloyds tea House in Gopalapuram that Thursday evening.  Located near DAV school, Lloyds is...
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