Skywatch Friday…The sun sets on the Lotus

I stood there waiting for the crowds to move away, to capture the magnificient place in all its glory. I could hear my friends call out my name, but i stood ground.. I did not know if i would make a trip here again, and so i wanted to soak it all in one last...

Where the lotus blossoms

I noticed a gate to my left and people flocking inside as if it were a museum or a zoo with exhibits that would blow them away.. Caught in the moment of curiosity, i followed suit, no sooner had i taken a step within the enclosure did i notice the clock tower, and the...

[Wordless Wednesday] Serene

This was shot at Hotel Harrisons, Chennai, near the entrance…Always captures my heart!! It was taken on my  Blackberry!! 🙂 For more Wordless wednesday shots, click here
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