[Recipe] Spinach Daal

What you need: Spinach: 2 cups Onion: 2 Green chillies: 2 Cooked green gram dal/moong dal: 1/2 cup Tamarind: 1 small sized ball Tomato: 2 Urad dal: 1/2 tsp(for tempering) Mustard seeds: 1/2 tsp(for tempering) Oil – as much as you need Salt- to taste Curry leaves...

Day 2 – The girl

A poem i wrote 5 yrs ago still remains in my head… The words so vivid and clear, so i decided to pick my own poem as MY current favorite poem!!! :)The Ragamuffin Girl Plastic and paper strewn all overas if toys in a playgroundTrying to find my wayaround the pit...

Life’s journey

My journey of life begunThat fateful Sunday mornMy eyes opened to see this worldMy soul,and heart emerged alivelo,behold my journey had begun!That little child with time has grownYes! Time sure has flownA lot has been learnt,mostly on my own….With ups and...
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