Celebrating Chennai.. St Mary’s church

It is only fitting that I resume this series today.. Why? Today marks the 375th birthday of Madras aka Chennai. This image I share was taken during the last weekend walk inside Fort St George. It was taken at St Mary’s Church which is located within the...

Celebrating Chennai..Wordless Wednesday… Life

Putting this post a day early. Why? Because it seems apt for the Wordless Wednesday theme from Chennai Bloggers Club. This photograph was taken during the Chindatripet Photowalk..

Celebrating Chennai…. Grandeur

December of 2012 has been a month that had the most positives and a few negatives as well. The highest point was a bit of Self indulgence, something I’ve not done ever and something am not really comfortable doing…  So, what did I do? I used the...

Celebrating Chennai… The waves

As the year draws to an end, let me leave you with this beautiful image from the city i call home- Chennai… Me: What is the one place you want to go to when you come to Chennai/Madras? Cousin [over the phone from Delhi]- The Beach I rest my case!! When she was...

Celebrating Chennai.. Valluvar Kottam

Dedicated to the famous poet Thiruvalluvar, the Valluvar Kottam [ a moument] was constructed in 1976. All the 133 chapters of the Thirukkural which include 1330 verses are inscribed on bas-relief in the front hall corridors.The construction of Valluvar Kottam is like...
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