I hear em all

I hear em all

As I sit here Typing away on my laptop I hear the sound of the drill I hear voices I hear commands I hear em all And yet I don’t look up I don’t meet their eyes I continue typing I pretend I don’t hear em As the nail is inserted into the wall The...
I hear em all

With every passing year

With every passing year, I see a change in me I see myself grow  I see a sense of calm set in With every passing year, I see my wants shift  I see myself smile more I see myself want less  With every passing year, I see my dreams settle  I see myself become calmer I...


Suddenly out of the blue, I cooked up this verse in my head. Wanted to pen it down before I forgot, for I really liked it and connected with it. Who am I But a nobody! I wanted to shout out screams contained in my head Who am I But a nobody! I wanted to reach out...

Holiday Haiku

Last month, Club Mahindra ran a #holidayhaiku contest on Twitter.. I won on the 3rd day and again won a consolation prize… More than winning, the excitment of being able to relive the holidays i had taken, the journeys i had been on was the highlight of the...

The white cat

The white cat sneaked into our homethrough the window in my roomI watched him dash byRan to chase him out Shoo shoo, i followed himinto the bedroom, and under the bedhe ran Shoo, shoo, i followed him outunder the dining table he decided to hide Shoo,Shoo, i...
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