The Birthday & Goan flavours

The Birthday came and has gone by… As with the past few years I did manage to escape.. But the ttrip this year was different and special.. I know I say similar things every year,but then this year it truly was different and I felt special… Why? Cos this...

Sar v Sri – Veggie delights!!

The city has quite a few vegetarian hotels and eat outs, but there are not many places that offer both veg & non veg is served where the veg fare is quite good. Invariably the non veg dishes get rave reviews and us vegetarians are left staring into a bowl with a...

The Noodles..

The noodles i made last nite… Here is the cherished recipe.. or rather lack of it… Here is what you need-Noodles- any kind, and any quantity(actually depends on how many ppl and your taste pref). the ones i used are Blue bells Spinach noodlesVegetables-...
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