Conversation with God

Here goes a conversation between a 5yr old and God 5yr old- Good morning God, please let me my mother let me go out and play. Please let there be no summer camp today God: what a sweet child. Go ahead, i grant you your wishes 5yr old: Yayy, what a fun day today is...


She ran around playing her mother had made sure she was never alone She was a good girl books, the village pup and her one friend were her world …. …. …. …. …. …. …. …. She walked cautiously stealing glances from the...


Yesterday was quite the busy, and Missy Aarti [aka Me] had her hands full till 7pm or so… yep, she was a busy busy girl, working, finishing errands, attending a not so interesting meeting and then ofcourse having FUN… ;o)  Well, you already know she...
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