The last weekend when i was away and travelling, i ate Pasta atleast once a day, not because i love it that much, but because it was the only item on the menu apart from the boring Rice and Roti…. 🙂 Back home too, i enjoy cooking Pasta- everytime i try to bring...

The Noodles..

The noodles i made last nite… Here is the cherished recipe.. or rather lack of it… Here is what you need-Noodles- any kind, and any quantity(actually depends on how many ppl and your taste pref). the ones i used are Blue bells Spinach noodlesVegetables-...

Nostalgia with Noodles

Today, after gym, walked over to Nilgiris supermarket, bought some stuff and when passing by the noodles/pasta isle was reminded of my college days [ i used to take noodles for lunch so often, cos my friends loved the noodles i made and would beg me to bring it almost...
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