Octagonal Bath, Hampi

All around was nothing but barren land, but in the distance i spotted a structure. Was that for real or was my mind playing tricks on me? Yes, the sun was blazing, and i was hot & dehydrated. We had come this far, why not spend a few minutes exploring the area...

Skywatch Friday, The King’s Balance

As i made my way around the outer wall of Vittala Temple, Hampi when i spotted this huge arch of sorts on the left with a few structures beyond on the mountain, a guide walking with a group referred to it as the King’s Balance. Curious, i walked closer to the...

Where the lotus blossoms

I noticed a gate to my left and people flocking inside as if it were a museum or a zoo with exhibits that would blow them away.. Caught in the moment of curiosity, i followed suit, no sooner had i taken a step within the enclosure did i notice the clock tower, and the...
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