Walk into the room
Walls adorned with mirrors
Waiting for the lights to come on
Windows i see none

Feel the cool air of the airconditioner
Feel my stomach churning
Feign a smile as She walks in
Force myself to stand and get ready

She stands at the distance
Silent and stern as she instructs me
Smile is what she wants me to do
Stare right at her and not move

This i sure did not enjoy
The one longest hour in my life
Time seems to have stood still
The camera’s buzz is all i hear in my ears

Click!Click!goes the camera
“Can i move now”,i ask?
“Come on,Dear,just one more” she says!
Chew on my lip and smile once more

Aarti @ 14/4/05
My first experience of going to a Studio when i was 5 or 6yrs old

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