Was reading this book called Queen of Dreams by Chitra Divakaruni, the book that is all about Interpretation of dreams where the main Protagonist not only dreams about herself but about other’s lives too..

Had been talking about this book with my granparents and reading them excerpts fom the book,when gramma suddenly said “dont think this is all fiction, its not, dreams do come true”. This made me think, “is it really possible”, cos i had always thought dreams were more of fantasy and things we wish happened to us or some that came to us for no reason…

Gramma went on to explain about this one dream she had and still had up till last June/July.. Apparently her mom had a baby boy after her, but the baby died couple of days later and she hadnt even seen the baby, was told that he was fair, cute looking and had a mop of curly black hair..

Since then, she has had the dream of a baby boy,either playing about, or walking,crawling or doing something or the other and every time she dreamt this dream there was a birth in our family.. She had this dream everytime she got pregnant(with my mom n uncle’s) and again when we were born too(me,my sis and cousin) and she smiled when she recollected how she had this dream suddenly last year around June/July and kept wracking her brains saying “there is no one who is about to have a kid in the family or is likely to have”, cos my mom n aunt were done having babies 🙂 and Delhi uncle,well,there was nothing brewing there(or atleast thats what we thought).. and a couple of weeks later my Delhi uncle came over to tell gramma that they were adopting a baby and thats when Lakshmi came home. I was in awe and dint know what to say… Wow, who would have thought such things happen… Amazing…

There are some parts in this book where the author describes how certain images, things in our dreams are directly related to something about to happen in our lives.. and i think now i am beginning to believe in them too ….

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