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Am a contradiction of sorts. i love going out and having a good time with friends, and i can also stay home chill out over a book or a movie.. Am very passionate about writing, so give me a topic and watch me float away into wonderland... I Am crazy about music,books,friends and my doggie... :)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lost souls.. in our home..

Bugger, the bat i found at our gate, with a whole army of crows waiting to attack it..wonder what this guy was doing out in daylight.. tried helping him,but he bite me and flew away.. hope he is alright... was so pink and a baby am sure... sharp teeth,must say... Ouch :-)

My heart just stopped when i saw this little baby birdie in our backyard, he must have fallen off from the nest or when his momma was carrying him somewhere.. dint know what to do, his eyes werent even open yet, and he was pink and so delicate.. tried feeding him milk, and he opens his mouth so wide and took in a few drops, took care of him couple of days and then left him under the care of another birdie who fed him one day and next day, poof, he was gone.. hope he survived and is ok.. have never felt so helpless...

This one was a beauty.. a pretty butterfly ,found him in our car, guess he wanted a ride in ac car as well.. stood still just long enuf for me to click and then started fluttering about.. opened the window a bit and of he went flying away... so colorful, with vibrant hues of red,orange and black.. was afraid to touch him,lest i hurt him.. God creates such wonders, we can only stare in awe...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Thalagam... Aadi dish....

Come aadi and this dish becomes a popular one.. Esp on Aadi chevvai, ie. the tuesdays in the tamil month of Aadi(which is NOW) and so gramma went about getting Thalagam done for lunch...

This is a dish that is a variant of sambar from our homes.. i.e. from Tamil Nadu (esp Tirunelveli side)..
its a speciality dish that is made in the tamil month of Aadi(july 15th to Aug 16th) ,esp on tuesdays.. Here's how to make it , from what my gramma told me jus now...

Vegetables- like brinjal, white pumpkin,carrots,potato,peas,snake gourd,flat beans, and any other veggie you like -chop them up into big cubes - 3cups (depends on number of people )
Sesame seeds - 1tsp (dry roasted)
Red Chillies - 4 to 5
Coconut - 1/2cup
Broken Urad Dal - 1tbsp
Tamarind water -11/2cup
Salt to taste
Turmeric Powder 1/4 tsp
Jaggery a small piece - the size of a lemon

Mustard seeds -1tsp
Oil -1 tbsp
Curry leaves - 4-5

Here's how you make it...

1. Dry roast the sesame seeds,set aside, add some oil to the pan and roast the red chillies and broken urad dal
Add grated coconut to the roasted ingredients and grind into a smooth paste

2. Boil the vegetables in tamarind water with salt,and a tiny pinch of turmeric powder.

Now add the ground paste to this and let it boil for a couple of mins till the flavor of masalas mixes with the veggies.

3. Add a little jaggery and let it simmer for abt 5mins

4. Season it with mustard seeds, curry leaves and it is ready to be eaten..

Best eaten with Pongal or with another south indian sweet dish(that is made on the day called Thiruvadurai), called Kali.. i dont like it much,so not bothered finding out how its cooked, but shall enquire and post the same once i complete the mission...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Some more CLicks...

Found some more pics in my treasure chest... so decided to put it up here instead of hunt for a site to upload on...

The ceiling in Satyam theater..... clicked this while waiting for Sivaji to start

Sunday, July 22, 2007

HI tech or wat....

Monday morn, got this on mail from a friend.. and well,i wonder if its true or not..but anyways, its interesting alright...

Technology on street..
A techie transfers fund for a penalty from his laptop near Trinity Circle in Bangalore on Tuesday ....

[Cooking] Mushroom Stroganoff

Today lunch was fun. No,I dint go out but tried out a new recipe and must say it turned out yummy.. Thanks to my uncle for introducing me to this dish and to my aunt for giving me the recipe..

2weeks back when my uncle(s) were here, delhi uncle said “if you get me that Maggie masala cubes, I can make Mushroom Stroganoff “,but for whatever reason I wasn’t able to get that and so it was time for them to leave and they went back.. Couple of days back when I had gone shopping, I made it a point to pick up 2packets of mushrooms (we get only Button mushrooms here) and also picked up 2cubes of Maggie veg masala cubes…

I kept gramma informed last nite that today I plan on making Mushroom Stroganoff and she should go ahead and plan the rest of the lunch menu acc to their taste…

Around 12 noon ,right after my shower , I called my uncle who passed the phone to my aunt thru whom I got the recipe and voila,I did make Mushroom Stroganoff, and must say it tasted absolutely YUMMMMY and is best eaten with steamed rice…

Here is the recipe.. from what I remember…

Mushroom Stroganoff

Ingredients (Serves 2-3)

  • 3 Tbsp. olive oil or any other oil of your choice(for cooking)
  • 1 packet. mushrooms, wiped and chopped 4
  • 2 large capsicums chopped
  • 1 large onion chopped
  • 3-5cloves of garlic (optional)
  • 2 tbsp curd
  • 1 tbsp fresh cream
  • 1 tsp red chilli powder( optional)
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 2 tbsp Tomato puree
  • 1 tbsp Tomato ketchup
  • 1 tbsp Worcestershire Sauce
  • 1 ½ cup warm water
  • 1 cube Maggie veggie Masala
  • 1 tbsp Maida or Cornflour


Take a pan, add some oil and sauté the garlic and onion till onion turns golden brown, then add in the chopped mushrooms and capsicum . Cook until mushrooms turn glossy and capsicum is ¾ done. Once done, set aside

Take a bowl, pour the 1 ½ cup warm water, and dissolve the Masala cube in it. Now to this add the tomato puree, ketchup, W sauce, salt, pepper, chilli powder and finally the flour. Put this on the stove and cook till the sauce reaches a shiny texture and looks nice and light when you pour from the spoon.. Turn off stove and set this aside as well.

In a bowl whip the curd and cream well and add this to the sauce mixture.

Now add the sautéed veggies to this and mix well. You can serve it as it is with Hot Steamed rice or you can blend the whole thing and let boil for a min and serve with the rice...

Enjoy.. Bon Apettite..

More CLicks.........

Waiting at the traffic signal, with nothing to do as my sis and her best budd were busy talking to each other..totally ignoring me... duh... i pulled out my weapon,armed myself and began to search for something fun to click.. yea,i know,u guessed it.. my weapon is none other than my sweet smart phone... :)

The Sun i bet is hiding behind the clouds looking down at me smiling and thinking "poor poor girl..well lets atleast give her something to time pass on... "

Isnt this pic cool.. this is what you get when u focus on the traffic and street lights, swish swish your camera about, letting it fly in air,jus make sure to have good hold or else your phone's gone ... and u dont know where.... :) ,anyways, jus let it flutter about and click,dont stop,and this is what you end up with.. you could also try this in a fast moving vehicle, same effect.... :)

CLick... CLick....

A collection of pics i clicked on my phone past couple of days.... no reason,no theme..jus liked em and so captured the moment.... :)

My cousin at Satyam theater cafe.. around 1am... :)

Whoa..chk out em wires.. wonder if the city is having a conversation thru these wires.. they are jus crawling everywhere... this was taken at a traffic signal..

yet,another pic of how wired the city is.. this pole is supp to shed just light for the traffic but it seems to be doing more.. maybe giving cable connection or maybe sending out some wierd signals to all mobiles.. wonder what more they can do....

Lip smacking pastries.. they looked like they would melt even before one took a bite.. darn it, i so wish i had bot some n dug into it.. but good me kept the evil me away... and voila,all those cals, who wants em right..... phew... :)

Wonder what this is.. wonder no more.. its a shoot from our wacko Bamboo tree reaching for the sky praying to God to spare it from getting chopped off.. yea,right.. Everytime someone walks by,scratch scratch,poke poke it jus swishes its branches like a wand....

Poor guy, sitting all alone on our gate waiting for someone interesting to come into his life or for his buddy to return home??? but he dint wait too long, saw another birdie and flew away...traitor... lol....

Is this his friend???? was he spying on the guy on the gate or at me taking a pic?? hmmmm, food for thought right... he must have lost interest,for no sooner did i click him,he flew away,high up into another tree and sat where i couldn see him anymore.. smart cheeky bugger....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

[from another site]10 virtually instant ways to improve your life

Came upon this link thru a friend on a networking website and thought it was very interesting and i wanted it on my blog so i would read it on and off...

Here it is...


Many of our problems come from within our own minds. They aren’t caused by events, bad luck, or other people. We cause them through our own poor mental habits. Here are 10 habits you should set aside right away to free yourself from the many problems each one will be causing you.

  • Stop jumping to conclusions. There are two common ways this habit increases people’s difficulties. First, they assume that they know what is going to happen, so they stop paying attention and act on their assumption instead. Human beings are lousy fortune-tellers. Most of what they assume is wrong. That makes the action wrong too. The second aspect of this habit is playing the mind-reader and assuming you know why people do what they do or what they’re thinking. Wrong again, big time. More relationships are destroyed by this particular kind of stupidity than by any other.
  • Don’t dramatize. Lots of people inflate small setbacks into life-threatening catastrophes and react accordingly. This habit makes mountains out of molehills and gives people anxieties that either don’t exist or are so insignificant they aren’t worth worrying about anyway. Why do they do it? Who knows? Maybe to make themselves feel and seem more important. Whatever the reason, it’s silly as well as destructive.
  • Don’t invent rules. A huge proportion of those “oughts” and “shoulds” that you carry around are most likely needless. All that they do for you is make you feel nervous or guilty. What’s the point? When you use these imaginary rules on yourself, you clog your mind with petty restrictions and childish orders. And when you try to impose them on others, you make yourself into a bully, a boring nag, or a self-righteous bigot.
  • Avoid stereotyping or labeling people or situations. The words you use can trip you up. Negative and critical language produces the same flavor of thinking. Forcing things into pre-set categories hides their real meaning and limits your thinking to no purpose. See what’s there. Don’t label. You’ll be surprised at what you find.
  • Quit being a perfectionist. Life isn’t all or nothing, black or white. Many times, good enough means exactly what it says. Search for the perfect job and you’ll likely never find it. Meanwhile, all the others will look worse than they are. Try for the perfect relationship and you’ll probably spend your life alone. Perfectionism is a mental sickness that will destroy all your pleasure and send you in search of what can never be attained.
  • Don’t over-generalize. One or two setbacks are not a sign of permanent failure. The odd triumph doesn’t turn you into a genius. A single event—good or bad—or even two or three don’t always point to a lasting trend. Usually things are just what they are, nothing more.
  • Don’t take things so personally. Most people, even your friends and colleagues, aren’t talking about you, thinking about you, or concerned with you at all for 99% of the time. The majority of folk in your organization or neighborhood have probably never heard of you and don’t especially want to. The ups and downs of life, the warmth and coldness of others, aren’t personal at all. Pretending that they are will only make you more miserable than is needed.
  • Don’t assume your emotions are trustworthy. How you feel isn’t always a good indicator of how things are. Just because you feel it, that doesn’t make it true. Sometimes that emotion comes from nothing more profound than being tired, hungry, annoyed, or about to get a head-cold. The future won’t change because you feel bad—nor because you feel great. Feelings may be true, but they aren’t the truth.
  • Don’t let life get you down. Keep practicing being optimistic. If you expect bad things in your life and work, you’ll always find them. A negative mind-set is like looking at the world through distorting, grimy lenses. You spot every blemish and overlook or discount everything else. It’s amazing what isn’t there until you start to look for it. Of course, if you decide to look for signs of positive things, you’ll find those too.
  • Don’t hang on to the past. This is my most important suggestion of all: let go and move on. Most of the anger, frustration, misery, and despair in this world come from people clinging to past hurts and problems. The more you turn them over in your mind, the worse you’ll feel and the bigger they’ll look. Don’t try to fight misery. Let go and move on. Do that and you’ve removed just about all its power to hurt you.

Adrian Savage is a writer, an Englishman, and a retired business executive, in that order, who now lives in Tucson, Arizona. You can read his other articles at Slow Leadership, the site for everyone who wants to build a civilized place to work and bring back the taste, zest and satisfaction to leadership and life. Recent articles there on similar topics include How to save yourself from being hooked again and Why fear of failure is the most common blockage to success. Adrian’s latest book, Slow Leadership: Civilizing The Organization, is now available at all good bookstores.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Fun... interesting...

Wow, its already 15th july.. The past couple of weeks has been so busy, but good.. had uncle(s) visiting from Delhi n USA, so that always bring a joy to the family.. we all get excited... now more so cos of the new baby in the family, my delhi uncle's baby- Lakshmi.. She is the sweetheart of the family... actually not just us but all who see her fall in love with her instantly...

Some of the interesting things i did the past couple of weeks

-- Got my Visiting card printed n done (and must say,it looks sheek)

-- Visited the Chennai museum, my 2nd visit in my lifetime.. the last time was also with USA uncle,but then he dragged me and my cousin, this time i asked him if we could go.. only sad part was that 2of the buildings were closed for renovation..sigh... Must say,it was a good experience... But my all time fav museum has to be the one in Bombay, that was awesome, and so filled with history and information...
For more info , chk out their site -

--- Went to watch Sivaji wit no prior planning, decided in the evening,and got my sis to book tickets online and drove in pouring rain and caught the movie.. sitting 5rows from the screen,yet another 1st for me.. Enjoyed it thouroughly.. so what if the movie had more than a few traces of other movies, the joy of watching it with family is something...

--- Another major cool thing was that i got my blouses stitched and done with way ahead of everyone else. normally am hunting for a tailor in the last minute, going crazy and wondering if i have to repeat a saree.. This time i was happy... also got to wear some new sarees(1 was abt 7-8yrs old and other was a gift from aunt for cousin's wedding)..

-- Went to dinner with uncles,sis and cousin to this lovely veggie restaurant called Flower drum(had been bragging abt it, and actually got around to going there, normally we jus talk abt it,nothing happens...), so that was good..Food was yummy,good company,raining outside.. what more can we ask for,right... :)

Hmmmm,what else did i do.. Gosh,everyday was filled with so much activity - either shopping for uncles or furniture or just chking out some stores.. we did it all........... :)