I had no clues who Earthsync was or what it was.. till a friend(blog buddy) intro’d me to this group, sent me link and wat nots.. i got curious.. but then it was to happen on 17th Feb, in evening around 7.. now, my friend was getting married on 18th and we had planned couple of stuff to happen from 16th.. so wasnt sure if i can make it.. so let it be

On 17th, after a fun mehndi party, and some chit chatting, got back home exhausted.. ready to die… seriously… and then suddenly like a bolt of lightening remembered Earthsync.. got up,washed my face, freshened up a bit and told gramma ” am going for a concert, if i get tickets, i go, else i come back home sulkin…lol”… she said ok…

So, walked it down to harrington road, to lady andal school where the event was happening at Sir M.V.Rao concert hall.. Wow, was blown away by the sheer size and appearance of the hall. and the interiors are no less… no wonder, most concerts are moving from Music academy to here now… anyways… found my seat.. 1st time going for concert alone.. so was a new experience… waited… friend called, chatted with her..spotted a few familiar faces,went n said hi hello.. and finally at 7.30 (fashionably late) it started…

The stage was filled with instruments of all sizes and shapes…. the next hour and half was filled with interesting mix of music..

Carnatic notes
Tibetian monks chanting …. [well, to be honest, i was dead tired n abt ready to sleep, was hoping they would play some lively numbers, and well, they kinda did, a bit later]
Sufi by sufi singers from Nagore ( they sang a song in hindi and then in tamil about Allah..)..was beautiful and soothing…
Anuradha sang ‘Enna Tavam Seidhanai” , wee bit different from what i’ve heard, but was nice..
bharatnatyam portrayed in an almost Ballet like style…

Padma Shankar on violin,
Ravi Shankar- sitar,
Navin Iyer- flute
Mishkomba- bass
Yoav Bunzel– drums matching the tunes belted out on the other instruments was sensational..
Mahesh Vinayakram doing the kunnakol (the way they rap out thaka thimi tha.. and go on n on for a while?)
Zohar Fresco hitting the drums was Awesome… he kept the tempo going…
Forgot the name of the 2 men who played the drums used in South indian temples.. that was good, they were using only the top portion of the drums (thavil i think).. and then tried to match the other instruments( but unfortunately their beats were drowning amidst the heavy beat of the drums and tabla)

All in all, was an interesting experience… but they could have incorporated some more from Indian music… there is so much, yes, agreed, it is difficult to bring in western music into this and play them in sync, but there are so many others who’ve done it… and well, indeed..

Got back home feeling fresh, and was glad i did go for the concert…

For more info about them, chk out their site

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