Its been a week since i landed here, and my heart seems to be singing – “Lets just stay here”!  

1st time ever, i feel this way!! 

A holiday, like no other
Relaxed and filled with fun
New places to visit, 
New ventures to try

Wonder what is different about this trip of mine, 
wonder why my heart feels this way.. 
Wonder where i am headed
Wonder how i shall get there…

All i know for now,
Am loving this relaxed state of mind…

So calm and quiet
Collected and focussed
Solitude and serene
Words that describe me!!! 

Home, beckons 
work and routine awaits!! 
A day i shall put it off…
to enjoy this 
Relaxed state of mind!! 

                                                        [ a clue on where i am right now!!! :)]

Was listening to the song New York state of mind – Billy joel today morning and that is where this post sprung from!! 🙂

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