Dot Yum, Aloft, Chennai

After the elaborate tour and the insightful session into the Dining options at Aloft, I was now all set to try the brunch..  As soon as I heard the name, I wondered what the story was behind the name. The Chef did not know, so I imagined it was either something...

Dining options at Aloft, Chennai

As you walk down the lobby, along the curved path you see the textured wall with two words on it, rather three words- Dot Yum and next to it is Estia. I wondered what those words meant when Chef Ashok greeted me and welcomed me inside the restaurant. It was a two in...

Tour of Aloft Hotel, OMR, Chennai

“Where is the place? How much further? Are we headed to Bangalore?” were some of the questions in my mind the 1st time we drove down to Aloft Hotel in OMR. It took us more than an hour, beating the evening traffic to reach the place. And today, it took me about 45mins...
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