Battle with the body – XXI- Education and awareness missing.

Battle with the body – XX- Self-confidence & plus size.

Curvy Brides Boutique: Where Confidence Meets the Perfect Dress Even though am not into the whole marriage or wedding, I Love the wedding dress-based show series- “Say Yes to the Dress”:  a whirlwind of champagne, glittering gowns, and (hopefully) finding...
Battle with the body – XIX- plus size shopping

Battle with the body – XIX- plus size shopping

If you told me a decade ago that I would have a wardrobe that had plenty of T-shirts, tops, jeans, pants and dresses, I would have laughed at you and asked you to stop making fun… But well, guess what, today these are what fill my wardrobe. I barely have any...

Get to the point please….

Everyday someone or the other is busy putting their foot in their mouth and the entire Online world is busy shunning them. There was  Abhijeet Mukherjee call women ‘dainted painted”, Followed by some song/lyrics by Honey Singh is. And yesterday it was...

Do a good deed… earn some brownie points… :)

Last week, when i had cleaned out my cupboard.. i discarded a few sets of dresses, which were in good conition, but i was not gonna wear em anymore.. they had been either used up, or just not my kind.. u know the stuff am talking about right- ppl gift em to you, you...
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