Madras Kafe, Nungambakkam

The skies were having a party, and it was pouring non stop since morning. I stood in the balcony longing for a hot plate of Bhajji and coffee when the phone rang. It was my friend S.. S: Hello, Madras Kafe polama? Me: Ennadu, enga irukku? [what? where is it?] S: Come...

The Fig

One bite and the little crunchy seeds start playing around in the mouth, the sweetness fills our senses and that is exactly why i love this fruit… The Fig!!    Have also read that “The Fig tree is the symbol of abundance, of fertility, of...

Here’s some fresh stock ma’am….

Yesterday morning  had to go S’s office to drop off a sample [related to work] and on the way back home, bumped into my colleague’s sis,V… Spent a few minutes talking to her[ it had been ages] and then she invited me to join her for a cuppa...
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