My Grandfather’s stick -Children’s book from Tulika

My Grandfather’S Stick [Tamil: Yenn Thathavin Oonrukole] Children have such a vivid imagination that they leave us stumped most times. Show them a pencil and they will show you atleast 5 different uses to it besides writing on a paper. Such is their power of...

Time stands still

on Dec 31st ’09.. It was doomsday at home…  I woke up at 6.30 and as i sleepily got out of my room, an eerie silence greeted me.. Took me a few minutes to adjust to the silence, and realise it was that day… Gosh, time had flown by so fast…...

So long..

S.RAMACHANDRAN, S/o G.S. Sreenivasa Iyer passed away on 7 Feb 2010. Mourned by Wife Gowri and Sons Rajesh and Shankar and Daughters-in-Law. Ph: 28342206, Cell: 9841029206.  is all that remains…. a tiny obituary in today’s papers…. Gone!! just...
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