Chasing tigers again… Panna National park, Madhya Pradesh..

After spending a few hours at Khajuraho, we headed towards Panna National park.. Time for more tigers, atleast hoping to sight a few!! 😀 Checked into the Panna Tiger Resort, which is located right next to river Ken [original name is Karnavati, which the British...

Skywatch Friday- Along the blue waters at Temple Bay

A little beep on my phone where it all began! A friend asked “How about we all go for a drive and a nice lunch on 12th jan, sunday?”  After a few debates on where else we can visit along the way, things we could do, time we leave the city it was...

Chills and thrills

four seasonswe know em alli was yet to seewhat Winter felt likeliving here in this warm landi knew not what it wasto feel coldto put on mittens and glovesknew not what it wasto wear sweatersto cuddle up in front of the...
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