S for Strangers..

This post is not about strangers strangers, it is about familiar faces who are strangers!  No, I am not referring to friends who have become strangers, am talking about faces we have seen or met, but who are strangers. We know them, but dont really know them We...

[tag] A for APPLE..Aaarti…. Ant….. B for…?????

Bit by the Tag bug once again… this time by my sweet Cousin/Sis L 🙂  RULES – The Tag name is A for Apple….Give preference for regular sites… Ignore your own blogs, sites. Tag 3 People.  Phew… First let me recite the entire...

Am Omnipresent…. did u know!!`

Was working in my room when i heard the gate being rattled.. peeped out the window and saw someone standing there.. Asked him “yaarunga.. [who’s that?]” to which our man promptly replied “A [my name]”..Whoa, what was i doing at the...
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